Increasing numbers of Australians are becoming environmentally aware and are taking steps to reduce their impact on the rest of the planet. However, being green doesn't have to end when you looking at motel accommodations. Below are some steps you can take to help to make sure your visit is eco-friendly.

Book a motel close to your route or destination

When planning which motel to stay in, you try to select a motel which is close to the route you will be driving on or near your destination. If you book a motel which is located far away from your planned route, you will increase the amount of miles you need to cover to reach the motel and to return to your original route after your stay, increasing your carbon footprint and the amount of damage you do to the environment.

Behave in the same way as you would at home

When you stay at a motel, it can be tempting to leave the lights and TV on even when you aren't in the room. After all, you are not directly paying for electricity you use. However, by behaving just as you would if you were at home and turning lights and electrical equipment off when they are not needed, you can help to save the environment. 

You should also reuse any towels if they are not too damp or dirty. This will help to reduce the amount of energy used in washing the towels and will also reduce the amount of detergent which is released into the wastewater supply.

If you need an extra incentive to do these things, remember that the cost of electricity and other utilities is indirectly passed on to you via the price of the room. If the owner of the motel has a high energy bill, they are likely to increase the price of the rooms to help to pay for it, which means you might need to look for other accommodation the next time you visit.

Let staff know what they can do better

Many motels will ask customers for feedback at the end of their stay. If you notice anything the motel owner or staff could do to become more eco-friendly, you should make a note of them on the feedback form or mention it in person to the motel owner. While you cannot be certain that the motel owner will adapt their working practices to incorporate any of your suggestions, by letting them know that they could save money by becoming greener and that customers are interested in environmental matters, you add your voice to an ongoing global movement. If you don't have time to give feedback during your stay, you could leave feedback on social media where it may be spotted by other customers as well as the motel staff.