During cyclone season, it isn't unusual for northern Australia to experience violent storms that bring high winds and heavy rain. If you are planning a trip during cyclone season, you should carefully consider a few things when planning your accommodation. Below are five things you should do when booking accommodation in an area threatened by cyclones.

Ask about the cyclone preparedness 

The staff at your accommodation should have a disaster plan in place. They should have a supply of emergency food and water for every guest and a backup generator to light the building in the event of a blackout.

Seek covered parking for your vehicle

Many hotels and motels have open plan car parks. If you leave your vehicle in an open plan car park, it may be damaged by flying debris carried along by the strong winds. You should try to book accommodation that has a cover parking space so that your automobile will be protected. If you have to park outside, you should seek a spot which is far away from any electricity poles and trees, as these may be blown over in high winds.

Ask for a room on an upper-level

When you are choosing which rooms you will occupy within a building, you should look for one which will keep you safest during the cyclone. Ask for a room which is on the upper levels of the building, as this will help to protect you from the risk of flooding.

Be flexible

The weather in an unpredictable thing. Depending on the severity of the storm, you may wish to leave the hotel early and make your way to a safer location or, if you are planning to sit out a violent storm, you may want to extend your stay. You should speak with the staff when making your reservation and ask them how flexible they can be regarding the length of your stay.

Check that your accommodation has a radio

Many overnight accommodations will supply a small radio alarm clock to every room. A portable radio can be very useful if a cyclone is forecast, as it will allow you to listen to weather reports and emergency warnings issued by the local authorities. If your accommodation is unable to supply a radio, you should bring your own and a set of spare batteries.

By taking these steps when you book accommodation during cyclone season, you can ensure your plans are not disrupted and that you and your loved ones stay safe.